Ali S.

Tutor & College Advisor, New York
University of Virginia (B.A.) & Harvard University (MFA)
Score Improvements: +6 ACT points (average improvement) +11 ACT points (highest improvement) | +250 SAT points (average improvement) +350 SAT points (highest improvement)

Ali hails from Charlottesville, Virginia. Extremely interested in mathematics and inspired by arts-focused extracurricular activities, she attended the University of Virginia with the intention of double-majoring in chemistry and drama; eventually, though, her career intentions crystallized and she created her own interdisciplinary major with concentrations in arts business and non-profit management. At graduation, thanks to her academic performance and her service to the university community, Ali was one of ten students from her 3700-person class to be highlighted as an “Amazing Grad of 2013.”

While pursuing work in the entertainment industry, Ali began teaching the SAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE tests for a nationally ranked test-prep company. She took a two-and-a-half-year hiatus to complete her MFA in Acting from Harvard, and began tutoring for A-List upon her return to New York City.

Now, she has worked with over 100 students and is passionate about providing rigorous, entertaining education. Her relaxed, positive attitude puts otherwise discouraged students at ease, and helps them to address the pressures of academic performance. She loves test-prep, yoga, The Parent Trap, and macaroni and cheese.

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“Dani started using A-List in her sophomore year as she just wanted to start preparing for the ACTs. She had a great relationship with her tutor, Ali Stoner, and looked forward to her tutoring sessions. Ali gave Dani enough work to challenge herself and improve her score and her confidence without making her overly stressed about the test. And she gave Dani good advice about when to take practice tests. She was accessible via text at all times for questions. Within just a few months Dani’s score improved so much, even exceeding her own expectations. We are so thankful that we chose A-List and that they gave us such a great tutor.”
Mother of Dani W. (Jericho, 2019)

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