Chris V.

Senior Tutor, New York
Johns Hopkins University (BA)
Subject Specialties: SAT/ACT, Physics and Trigonometry
Score Improvements: +7 ACT points (average improvement) +15 ACT points (highest improvement) | On average, A-List students improve 150-200 SAT points.

Chris graduated Dean’s List from the Johns Hopkins University with a BA’s in Economics, Film and Media Studies, and a minor in Entrepreneurship & Management. Chris was a member of the JHU Varsity Crew team and the Philanthropy Chair for the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. It was also at Hopkins where Chris discovered his love for education when he had the opportunity to tutor and mentor inner-city Baltimore kids through the Hopkins Tutorial Center. He graduated in 2009 and has been tutoring ever since.

Chris is currently residing on his native Long Island while pursuing an acting career in NYC. He has been part of numerous films and network shows both in front of and behind the camera. He is also one of the principal creators of the award-winning documentary Give and Take.

“From the minute Chris met Zach, we knew Zach had found the perfect guide and just the right fit. Chris was not only knowledgeable about the materials and the approach needed to maximize Zach’s potential, but more importantly, he understood how to motivate him. He was there to support him when it was tough and cheer him on when his scores continued to get better and better. Zach looked forward to meeting with him each week and did not want to disappoint his friend. I cannot say enough about the guidance Zach received form Chris. He acted as a mentor, a big brother at times, and a cheerleader. He was always accessible when needed and really wanted Zach to lean on him to achieve his goal, which he did. A-List, you are lucky to have Chris V. working for you. We could not be happier.”
–Mother of Zach L. (Half Hollow Hills East, 2016) +450 SAT points
University of Texas: Austin, Class of 2020

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