Dory Schultz

Director of Tutoring, Senior Tutor & College Advisor, New York
Subject Specialties: SAT/ACT, GRE, SAT Math I/II Subject Tests, SAT Literature Subject Test, English/Essay Writing, College Essays
Score Improvements: +8 ACT points (average improvement) +15 ACT points (highest improvement) | +210 SAT points (average improvement) +370 SAT points (highest improvement)

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Dory is A-List’s Director of Tutoring and one of A-List NY’s senior tutors and college advisors. As a Gluck Fellow at UCLA, Dory began tutoring math and discovered his passion for helping students not only succeed academically, but improve their focus, discipline, and self-confidence. Since joining A-List, Dory has personally helped hundreds of students get accepted to their dream schools through SAT/ACT instruction and application and essay advising (his class of 2018 included acceptances to Columbia, Cooper Union, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, NYU, UVA, Northeastern, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, Vanderbilt, Syracuse, Brandeis, UT Austin, Tulane, UMass Amherst, and others) and is proud to have indirectly contributed to the success of many more by training new tutors, presenting to teachers all over the country, writing curriculum, and producing A-List materials for our online portal. Drawing from his experience teaching high school math to a diverse body of students, he is particularly in demand as a tutor for students with learning differences who appreciate his patience and ability to break down complicated concepts. Outside of A-List, Dory is an active performer of opera and oratorio and enjoys travel, photography, and funny cat videos.

“A-List is Grade A! The make every effort to accommodate their clients to ensure their success! Dory went above and beyond to motivate my son during the college application process. His patience was very appreciated.”
Mother of Harrison L. (Bronx Science, 2017) +370 SAT points


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