Rachel F.

Senior Tutor, New York
Harvard University (BA)
Subject Specialties: SAT/ACT, SSAT
Score Improvements: +7 ACT points (average improvement) +10 ACT points (highest improvement) | On average, A-List students improve 150-200 SAT points.

Rachel Flynn is a graduate of Harvard University, where she received a B.A. with honors in the Study of Religion. While at Harvard, she performed in and directed over 25 theatrical productions, participated in the Institute of Politics, and helped to run the school’s Freshman Arts orientation program. A proud New Englander, hailing from the beautiful Berkshires, Rachel now lives in New York where she is pursuing a career in theater and film. Her love of teaching (with a background in both private tutoring and classroom education) is only eclipsed by her love of Beatles trivia. She remains staunchly neutral in all matters concerning ‘Boston vs. New York’ sports team loyalty.

“The first time I took a practice SAT, I walked out through the glass double-doors of the A-List building with my head held high. In fact, as celebration for how easy I felt the test to be, I splurged on an artisan panini and Vitamin Water. Suffice it to say, it was a rude awakening when I found out my score didn’t exactly correlate.Thus, in stepped Rachel Flynn, who illuminated the fact that I wasn’t lacking knowledge, but, rather, I was lacking the correct application of that knowledge. Particular questions on the SAT are excellent at being vague or misleading, and I was tripping over every one of them. Rachel and I worked every week — she was dedicated enough to Skype with me in Connecticut, even when she was in New York — and quickly we began seeing progress. Rachel articulated what the SAT questions were trying to ask, and did so in an approach conducive to my specific style of learning and thinking. Instead of the College Board’s pedantic (vocab word) drone, I was able to carry out an engaged conversation with as many laughs and smiles as there were moments of SAT eureka. Now, going into the college application process, it’s such a weight off my shoulders to know that even though I may have to worry about the rest of the application, I’m set with my test scores…”  
–Ryder C. (Staples) +190 SAT points

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