Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK Practice Test Registration

FREE SAT/ACT Practice Test for Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK Students & Info Session for Parents

A-List is inviting POB JFK students to attend a free SAT or ACT practice test on March 19th or March 26th! The test will take place at 2pm at A-List’s Manhasset testing site, Temple Judea located at 333 Searingtown Road, Manhasset, NY 11030 (click here for directions). In addition to attending the practice test, students/parents will receive an extensive score report detailing performance on the exam by section, subject matter, and question type as well as a complementary phone consultation to go over students’ scores.

While students are testing, parents may attend an informational session offering an overview of the test preparation process (also beginning at 2pm). To attend the practice exam and informational session, please complete the registration form below. In addition to our March practice test offering, we are hosting a number of college admissions webinars, seminars, spring break workshops, CommonApp consultations, and college application boot camps over the coming months- check out our Upcoming Events page for more details!

To learn more and to register for Long Island College Advisor Michael Binder’s library events (as promoted in our mailing) please click here.

“A-List is a very effective, first-class organization. They deliver what they promise. I have triplets that were tutored together. Our tutor was terrific! He had the enthusiasm to keep them all focused and the stamina to keep it going for extra-long sessions. My children could not have improved their test scores so dramatically without him; i.e. increases of 520, 320, and 410 points. The ‘icing on the cake’ is that one of my children actually got an 800 on the math section!” 
-Jake R., + 520 SAT points, POB JFK 2014 | Lisa R., + 410 SAT points, POB JFK 2014 | Jon R., + 320 SAT points, POB JFK 2014

POB JFK Score Improvements

Ronen B. (POB JFK, 2013) + 3 ACT points
Brian B. (POB JFK, 2015) + 9 ACT points
Noah F. (POB JFK, 2014) + 3 points
Ryan K. (POB JFK, 2016) + 9 ACT points
Mallory G. (POB JFK, 2014) + 3 points
Lisa R. (POB JFK, 2014) + 3 ACT points
Matthew W. (POB JFK, 2014) + 2 points
Ashley M. (POB JFK, 2013) + 410 SAT points
John R. (POB JFK, 2016) + 3 ACT points
Amanda S. (POB JFK, 2016) + 3 ACT points
Jenna G. (POB JFK, 2013) + 360 SAT points
Melissa W. (POB JFK, 2013) + 5 ACT points
Brent E. (POB JFK, 2013) + 350 SAT points
Ronen B. (POB JFK, 2013) + 340 SAT points
Gabrielle S. (POB JFK, 2013) + 600 SAT points