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Welcome SEEN readers! Schools and teachers can help their students with ACT/SAT test preparation (and thus college readiness) by using a variety of resources to effectively integrate content and strategies into existing curricula, running a standalone prep course, and/or simply administering practice tests. By bringing test prep into the classroom, schools can significantly help students increase their college options. Read more below!

We’re offering SEEN readers the opportunity to take advantage of one of the following A-List offers. Contact us using the form below, and an A-List representative will get in touch with information about redeeming your offer!

  • ACT or SAT practice test (for up to 100 students) & student and class Score Reports ($1125 value!)
  • 15% off all A-List materials! (does not apply to Routledge book series)

Have questions or want more information? Call the A-List office at 646-889-1613 ext. 223 (M-F 9:30AM to 6:00PM EST).

“I just wanted to share this news with you and to say thank you for what A-List is doing for our students. Our kids and teachers have benefited greatly from A-List’s exceptional ACT program. A new 11th grade student who enrolled in January 2017, has seen her ACT composite score improve eight (8) total points since being in our ACT Prep course (from an 18 to a 26).  She improved four (4) points in February and four (4) more points in April.  She is our biggest increase in ACT composite score since we started the class. 

Additionally, MRA’s graduating class ACT composite average eclipsed the 24+ threshold following the first year (2014-15) of implementing the ACT prep program offered by A-List.  Since then our graduating class average has been above 24+.  We had not attained this level of success once in the previous 10 years. So thank you.” —Principal Greg Self, Madison Ridgeland Academy (MS)

The class of 2018 saw over 2 million students take the SAT, with nearly as many taking the ACT, a 30% increase over the previous 10 years.

The increasing importance of college entrance exams has led to schools having a heightened interest in test preparation. Finding institutional solutions for raising students’ test scores can prove time-consuming and challenging.  A-List Education has worked with over 80,000 students at schools and institutions around the world, offering the tools and resources to help educators effectively integrate ACT/SAT content into classrooms and raise test scores.

Schools can implement any or all of the following A-List solutions:

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Have questions or want more information? Call the A-List office at 646-889-1613 ext. 223 (M-F 9:30AM to 6:00PM EST).