Workforce Development


To promote and provide on-demand, highly curated, learning tools designed to develop and maintain a skilled workforce that meets employers’ needs in an increasingly demanding, dynamic and competitive marketplace.

Products and Services

A-List offers fully-customizable products, skills-based education and training services:

  • Comprehensive Online Assessment and E-Learning Platform: A-List’s comprehensive workforce development platform offers a broad range of data-driven assessments, training and tracking tools that identify and deliver personalized skills-based knowledge directly aligned with employers’ current and future business needs. Our comprehensive platform allows employers to identify skill gaps deliver training electronically and on-demand. Downloadable report feature allows employers to measure learner progression by tracking engagement and completion of training modules.
  • Content and Video Library:  Curriculum and training modules easily downloadable and viewable on desktop or mobile device.  Learning structure includes engaging short video tutorials (60-90 seconds) that reinforce lesson retention and maximize impact of learning experience of trainees.  

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