A-List vs the Competition

A-List Education Other Tutoring Companies
Results Half of all A-List students achieve an avg improvement of +8 ACT points and +218 SAT points; the top 25% achieve +9.4 ACT points and +269 SAT points Less willing to offer data on average score improvement
Expertise Expert tutors teach all sections of the SAT and/or ACT Different tutors required for different sections of the test
Training All tutors have completed our 100+ hour training and attend ongoing staff meetings and workshops. They also all studied at top US universities and colleges Tutors are freelancers with no formal training or uniform curriculum; also some of these companies were founded or are led by people who have not been to US universities at all
Official Tests A-List only tests with official SATs and ACTs, released from College Board and ACT, Inc. Other companies write their own tests, which can inflate scores and give inaccurate assessments of progress
Practice Tests Practice tests are regularly offered and unlimited to our clients. Extended-time tests available. Many companies charge students each time they take a proctored practice tests
Range Continued, personalized support from freshman year through the college application process Many are narrowly focused on test prep, with less focus on the development on the whole student
Complimentary Intro Session Free Meet & Greet before you commit to working with a tutor Many do not have in-person Meet & Greets but have phone consultations
Test Scoring & Data Analysis Detailed score report available on parent platform in one business day whenever students take a test Can take 3-5 business days to receive diagnostic test report
Subject Tutoring & College Advising Available Tutors can help your student throughout high school and college admissions. We offer subject matter tutoring to help with homework throughout high school, as well as AP & SAT Subject Tests. We also provide college advising and essay expertise. Focus purely on the SAT/ACT, and test-taking tips
Experience 12 years of success, with offices worldwide Limited track record and localized
Customer Service Parents have dedicated client manager to answer all questions Many do not have an official liaison between tutor and parent