Online Content for Students

In addition to in-person sessions with their tutor, A-List students have a whole host of online materials at their disposal to aid with their test prep process. Learn more about some of them below:


While most students will meet with their tutor in person, sometimes weather or hectic student schedules can make things difficult. In those rare events, our tutors are happy to meet with you online! Online sessions are easily set up, can be recorded, and have screen-sharing/note-taking abilities – they’re as close to in-person as we can get without sitting in the same room!

Learning Library & Instructional Videos

We have downloadable study resources and ACT & SAT instructional videos available through our online portal.

  • Lesson plans for every chapter in A-List’s ACT/SAT manual, thousands of questions for students to review, and hundreds of drills and quizzes to be used as homework
  • Slides available for every concept and question found in the ACT/SAT manual. Instructional videos with slides that provide added insight to concepts and questions

Vocab Videos

Developed by a group of educators frustrated by the lack of engaging and affordable vocabulary resources, Vocab Videos features hilarious short videos that illustrate the meanings of 500 high value, frequently-tested SAT, ACT, and high school vocabulary words supplemented by extensive digital learning tools.

Online Grading & Score Reports

  • A-List’s online portal is a rapid solution for generating scoring and analysis and delivering instant feedback on student performance.
  • Structured content and curriculum in The Book of Knowledge, complemented with full suite of supporting materials in quizzes, drills and assignments.
  • Each time a student takes a practice test, our online platform allows us to generate detailed score reports, which provide an in-depth analysis of individual student performance and allow the tutor to provide more focused troubleshooting. These score reports can be viewed on our online Parent Platform.

Parent Platform

A-List’s online parent platform allows families to stay on top of the entire process and monitor student progress.

  • View all past sessions along with your tutor’s session notes
  • View all payments and update your billing information
  • View your student’s entire score history and download full score reports
  • Request additional services directly from your parent platform (college advising, subject help, study skills management, AP exams, etc.)
  • Request to change or cancel upcoming sessions
  • Contact your client manager
  • Share files directly with your tutor or the A-List Tutor Team