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Online ACT/SAT Tutoring and More

We are skilled in delivering seamless, live online tutoring, admissions counseling, and professional development for whole school districts or individual families. Our online tutoring platform allows tutors and students to share documents, share screens, video chat, and record sessions for unlimited playback.

A-List began to offer online sessions to students in New York many years ago as a practical solution to a yearly problem – snow and bad weather. We quickly realized that online is more than a band-aid, it’s an incredibly powerful means of interacting with students and families from all over the world. We utilize the most advanced conferencing tools that allow us to record our sessions, share our computer screens and pass notes to students. Since then, reliable online tutoring and distance learning support has grown to a constant need.

All of Our Tutoring Services With the Convenience of Being Online

Online tutoring is a great option for students who attend boarding school, or live in areas A-List doesn’t traditionally serve, or during circumstances where traditional in-person tutoring isn’t an option. Each of our instructors is trained to hold tutoring sessions using online programs so those who utilize our online SAT tutoring or online ACT tutoring get the same benefit as those who are tutored in-person. These online programs allow students and tutors to share work, write on-screen and engage collaboratively in a setting that’s familiar and comfortable for kids in the digital age. While these online tools can be beneficial to international students and students outside of the Metropolitan New York area, they can also be extremely helpful for any students looking for an extra edge. Students who get tutoring through A-List see average score improvements of 7 points and 182 points for the ACT and SAT respectively. With our online tutoring, students anywhere can become one of the hundreds who are improving their scores!

Advantages of online tutoring include:

  • No risk first online session – if a student completes a session online and is unhappy with it, we will not charge for that session
  • Keep their regular appointment to ensure continuity, communication and confidence—especially as they approach real exam dates
  • Online sessions can be scheduled to supplement in-person sessions to maximize potential
  • Schedule online sessions for students who are away for the summer or on school vacation

As a supplement to in-person or online tutoring, A-List has a suite of online resources available to assist with the test prep process.

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Online Admissions & Essay Services

Like with tutoring, A-List can lend our admissions and essay editing expertise to students and families no matter where in the world they are located. Our entire admissions advising program can be customized to meet the needs of international or remote clients. Advising services include everything from selecting schools to developing application components to a final review before submission.

Services include:

  • Assist with school selection
  • Set up a timeline for application completion
  • Develop application components (weekly check-in)
  • Maintain timeline for visits, interviews, and application completion
  • Suggest appropriate letters of recommendation
  • Brainstorm insightful essay topics
  • Develop resumes and activity sheets
  • Complete forms for international students / TEOFL requirements
  • Find your admissions representatives
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Review each application for submission (approximately 10 schools)
  • Ensure all application components were received by admissions offices

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