Helpful ACT/SAT Video Tips from Test Prep Experts

Don’t Second Guess Yourself

Tutor Dory talks about how to approach insecurity on questions and offers a strategy for how to avoid changing a correct answer to an incorrect one.

Running Out of Time

Senior Tutor Gary Surman discusses strategies for dealing with stress when you are worried about running out of time.

Set Useful Goals

Which goals will actually help you, and which goals won’t? Tutor Kim gives us the lowdown.

You Need to Eat!

President Scott Farber gives us a little tip about managing your blood sugar.

Analyze Wrong Answers

Tutor Dory Schultz talks about how to get the most out of your practice test results.

When to do Homework

Senior tutor Gary Surman talks about when students should do test-prep homework in order to maximize its effect!

Give Yourself Time

Tutor Kim Onah gives us a quick tip: take your time!

Use Every Second

 Tutor Dory Schultz talks about how to maximize your time and what to do when you think you’re done. Follow for a fresh tip each week!

Difficult Questions

Senior Tutor Gary Surman talks about what to think about when you are running out of time.

Study Vocab

A-List Tutor Kim talks about why and how to study vocab.

Have a Plan

A-List President Scott Farber talks about the importance of having a plan in order to maximize your ACT/SAT test success.

Keep an Active Pencil

A-List senior tutor, Dory Schultz, offers a tip for students looking for a way to boost their investment in each question.

It’s Not a Race

A-List President Scott Farber encourages students not to compete with other test takers- focus on yourself!