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The ever-increasing importance of college entrance exams has contributed to a heightened interest in test preparation. The class of 2018 saw over 2 million students take the SAT, with nearly as many taking the ACT, a 30% increase over the previous 10 years. More students are applying to four-year colleges than ever before. On average, 50-80% of higher education admissions decisions are based on grades and ACT and SAT standardized test scores. These factors, all contributing to an increasingly competitive college admissions environment, make junior year of high school an equally important and stressful time for students (and families). When parents invest in ACT/SAT coaching for their children, they are investing in their academic future. Let A-List’s team of highly trained tutors help with personalized in-person and online tutoring.

The Right Tutor For Your Student

At A-List Education, we have passionate educators who are committed to providing quality test tutoring services for all students. A-List tutors are flexible and can adapt our SAT and ACT curriculum and teaching methods to best benefit your student’s learning style. Our education consultants understand that each person learns in a different way and needs different educational tutoring. Our approach to test tutoring is to focus on your student and what they need to perform at their best. Our team of tutors enable your student to use study tools and practices that will help prepare each individual for these big exams and foster study skills that will benefit them for the rest of their academic careers. 

The process starts with a consultation with a member of our Client Services Team, who will review your student’s academic needs, personality, extracurriculars, and scheduling preferences so that we can match your student with the perfect tutor! Our tutoring involves weekly lessons, individualized homework assignments, and practice exams, which are the cornerstone of A-List’s personalized tutoring approach.

Read more below about how A-List stands apart from our competitors.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

A-List vs Our Competitors

A-List Education Other Tutoring Companies
Results Top 25% of students improve +6 ACT points and +230 SAT points. Average score improvement of +4.8 ACT points and +150 SAT points Less willing to offer data on average score improvement
Expertise Expert tutors teach all sections of the SAT and/or ACT Different tutors required for different sections of the test
Training All tutors have completed our 100+ hour training and attend ongoing staff meetings and workshops. They also all studied at top US universities and colleges Tutors are freelancers with no formal training or uniform curriculum; also some of these companies were founded or are led by people who have not been to US universities at all
Official Tests A-List only tests with official SATs and ACTs, released from College Board and ACT, Inc. Other companies write their own tests, which can inflate scores and give inaccurate assessments of progress
Practice Tests Practice tests are regularly offered and unlimited to our clients. Extended-time tests available. Many companies charge students each time they take a proctored practice tests
Range Continued, personalized support from freshman year through the college application process Many are narrowly focused on test prep, with less focus on the development on the whole student
Test Scoring & Data Analysis Detailed student score report available on the parent platform the next (business) day following a practice test Can take 3-5 business days to receive diagnostic test report
Subject Tutoring & College Advising Available Tutors can help your student throughout high school and college admissions. We offer subject matter tutoring to help with homework throughout high school, as well as AP & SAT Subject Tests. We also provide college advising and essay expertise. Focus purely on the SAT/ACT, and test-taking tips
Experience Proven results since 2005 with global reach Limited track record and localized
Customer Service Parents have dedicated Client Manager to answer all questions. Parents can also login to our online platform to monitor session notes, test results, and billing information. Many do not have an official liaison between tutor and parent

Our one-on-one, personal tutoring

We provide families with the option of private, individual prep solutions. Convenience and ease of scheduling are critical for families and students that juggle multiple sports, after-school activities, and the large amount of homework that students face towards the end of high school. We also offer convenient online tutoring for students outside of our service area, students who travel regularly, and in case of inclement weather. Our education consultants will work with you to provide the flexibility you need.

A flexible, customized curriculum

Our educational tutoring curriculum can be customized for each individual student’s needs. A cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all curriculum will not work for a student with particular needs. Whether a student is great at reading comprehension but needs help with grammar skills, or is great at algebra but needs help with geometry, our tutors have the expertise to adapt your student’s lessons to match his or her needs.

An integrated approach

Some programs place emphasis on either strategy or content; our approach is a combination of both. A-List’s educational tutoring curriculum includes a suite of tips, hints, and alternate methods for addressing questions on every exam. But we also address the underlying principles of the test to gain a better understanding of the exam. A-List education consultants are all well versed in the foundational aspects of the test, which are often necessary for a student to gain the broader knowledge needed for a large score improvement. Also part of our program, we offer regularly-scheduled practice tests to all of our tutoring clients.

Unlimited practice tests

Practice tests are proctored, unlimited, and regularly scheduled. We only use official tests from the College Board and ACT, Inc.

A-List students pay a one-time testing and materials fee of $150. Students not enrolled in A-List’s tutoring program can attend our practice tests by paying a $150/test fee.

Long-term focus

Our goal with A-List prep is to ensure broad understanding and create lasting growth in our students’ level of comprehension across the board. Building the right foundation for students through prep leads to more successful students not just for their standardized test, but for every assignment or test they face for the rest of their academic careers. Our tutors and admissions experts can guide students through every step of the college and graduate school admissions process.

Quality instruction

Our tutors are not freelancers or contractors—our staff works full-time for A-List. Each one of our education consultants is carefully vetted and put through a rigorous training program to ensure both quality and dedication. Make no mistake—as engaging as the lessons can be, there is no replacement for hard work and dedication on behalf of the student. Through quality instruction, we can inspire each student to work to their academic potential.

Highest Score Improvements

Our students see dramatic improvements on their test scores. The top 25% of our students improve their ACT score by an average of 7 points. On the SAT, the top 25% of our students improved by an average of 230 points!

Get SAT and ACT Help With A-List Tutoring

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