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Success Stories

Score Improvements

  • The top 10% of A-List Middle East students improve +230 SAT points and +7 ACT points.
  • 97.3% of our clients are “extremely satisfied” with their experience.
  • 80% of our students start below the 90th percentile
  • 83% of A-LIst students score in the 90th percentile or higher – that’s the top 10% of test takers around the world!

Words from our Clients

“My experience with A-List was superb. I joined A-List two years ago when it was just established in Dubai, and I was pleased to see that through its expansion, the integrity and high quality of its services remained. Thanks to A-list and especially Kyra for helping me improve my ACT score by 7 points, I am able to apply to all the colleges I dream of applying to.”

Chris G., American School of Dubai, +7 ACT

“My experience with A-List was incredibly helpful! Not only did Thomas teach me skills that were integral for the ACT, but I have developed my thinking skills by learning these techniques and use them in my own school work now! Thank you to everyone at A-List!”

Lucy A., Jumeirah College, +8 ACT

“My time with A-List was great! I believe the positive environment and support provided by the entire A-List team helped me tremendously. I also attribute much of my improvement to my tutor. If students want to see serious improvement, A-List is the best option.”

Ananya Jain, Dubai International Academy, +6 ACT

“I would like to thank A-List and my tutor for helping me achieve an amazing score on my ACTs. I know that I would not have been able to receive the same score if it wasn’t for my tutor at A-List. Thomas is a great tutor who helped me with all my weakness and helped me develop my strengths. He gave me great and very useful advice, and the strategies he gave me came very in handy and were incredibly helpful. I would recommend A-list’s tutoring services to anyone.”

Mostafa K., GEMS World Academy, +6 ACT

“Coming from a British curriculum school I did not know what to expect out of the test and was extremely unprepared, however, after just a couple months of sessions I was feeling much more comfortable with the content and material on the ACT. Overall, I would highly recommend using A-List’s services as it helped me go up a total of 8 ACT points, something I don’t believe I could’ve done alone.”

Scott S., Dubai College, + 8 ACT 

“I can now truly say that [choosing A-List] was the best decision I have even made in terms of my education… I highly recommend A-List to anyone wishing to take the SAT and would like to improve their scores regardless of what level they are starting from.”

-Hany B., GEMS Wellington International School, +290 Old SAT

“As parents, we were very pleased with the improvement our son Mark made under Kyra’s guidance. We looked forward to her detailed progress updates which we received during the coaching sessions. Kyra’s expertise and personalised method of teaching was invaluable. A BIG THANK YOU!”

Suren and Shireen D., Parents of Mark D., Jumeirah College + 5 ACT

“My experience with A-List started in the summer with the ACT bootcamp. I loved my time with A-List. It was a fantastic experience that has really helped me prepare for college. A-List has boosted my score by 6 points on the ACT. My time with John has really helped my scores improve and has allowed me to apply to more competitive universities.”

Samy S. American School of Dubai +6 ACT, +230 SAT

“A-List was the reason I scored a 29 in the ACT! In the first practice test I did I scored in the low 20’s but that rose significantly by the final exam, which landed me in the top 92nd percentile! Without a doubt I could not have done this without Tom’s advice, dedication, and constant efforts to raise my confidence! Thank you Tom!”

Denia L., Dubai College +6 ACT

“My time with A-list was fun yet filled with serious learning and practice. I enjoyed the boot camp experience and extended my time at A-List by taking one-on-one lessons to further help me reach my potential targets. Through John’s strategic help on my weak points, my score improved from a previous score of 1320 to a 1470 on the actual test.”

Harsha V., GEMS Modern Academy, +150 SAT points

“We are so grateful we found a company like yours and so happy to learn that there was a company like A-List Education on our doorstep! A-List Education was committed to and assisted us in the process of getting our son in a position to pursue his dream of studying abroad in the US.”

Ursula F., Mother of Marco F., English College, +3 ACT

“Choosing to enroll with A-List the most beneficial choice towards improving my SAT score. I was well prepared for the exam and knew the best techniques to answer all the questions.”

Rayyan V., Repton Academy, +170 SAT points

“A-List provides for a fantastic platform for students of all levels. It creates a unique environment for students to push themselves to their limit intellectually and personally. A-List undeniably has one of the best programs on the market for the SAT and the ACT, respectively. The tutors are fantastic and are great communicators, providing for a fantastic experience overall.”

Alex H., GEMS World Academy, +140 SAT points