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Selecting & Visiting US Universities

The college application process can be intimidating. Even touring colleges can be chaotic if you don’t properly organise your day. A-List is here to advise you through the entire process. We can help you create an itinerary, schedule all necessary events to make the most of your visits, and guide you on simple things you can do to make your time on campus as seamless and valuable as possible.

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We can provide any or all services listed below:

  •        Selection: Creating the list of schools to visit
  •        Planning: Researching tour dates and times available
  •        Scheduling: Choosing dates that are most advantageous – advising on best and worst times to go
  •        Coordinating: Working with your schedule and interests to build a plan of action
  •        Making contact: Calling schools to set up tour reservations
  •        Travel: Assisting with travel arrangements
  •        Interviews: Setting up meetings with professors in departments of interest


The US University Landscape

America’s higher education system is typified by diversity, quality, reputation and choice. With over 4,000 higher education institutions in the US, there are many programmes to choose from! As a result of the range of choices, university advisors at A-List focus on fit. Identifying best fit universities requires you to think about factors such as size, location, social life, and academic strengths. Our experienced team can walk you through this process in an effort to build a really thoughtful and intentional university list.

Many students are also drawn to universities in the States because the system embodies a liberal arts approach to education. This means that you will have a diverse and flexible educational experience. Through a variety of general education courses (including math, science, humanities, foreign language), you will learn critical and analytical thinking skills that will benefit you regardless of the field you eventually choose. At some universities, this also means that you are able to enter as an undecided major! It is important to note that universities in the US can approach their general education requirements differently, so pay attention to the structure! Our advisors will help you research and visit universities that are in line with your interests.

Focusing on fit and educational experience encourages students to look beyond brand name universities and really focus on where they will thrive. “The Ivy League” is often thought of as an indication of school quality, but in reality, it is an athletic division! In fact, did you know that highly selective universities like Stanford, MIT and Duke are not Ivy League institutions? Our experienced advisors will ensure that you find the strongest educational community for you.


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