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UK SAT/ACT Bootcamps

Our SAT and ACT Bootcamps are a great way to kick-start your preparation. They cover all the key content on the tests and are packed full of strategies and techniques designed to help you maximise your score.

Upcoming Bootcamp Dates

  • 17 August – 28 August
  • 19 October – 30 October
  • December*

*Should restrictions allow, the December Bootcamp could include an in-person option

All online bootcamps include 9 days of instruction across 2 weeks; students also benefit from structured independent work

A-List online bootcamps are designed to optimise student engagement, utilising best practices for virtual learning. We cover all of the key content areas and strategies to master the SAT or ACT on our interactive virtual platform.

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A-List Online Summer CV Development

A-List online summer courses are designed specifically for international students looking to develop their CV in a variety of exciting fields. Our experienced educators will lead project-based classes that cultivate discovery and growth in literature, drama, mathematics and science. These flexible, 10+ hour courses are offered through our interactive online learning platform and promise to keep students productive and engaged throughout the summer months.

Tissue Engineering:

■ Explores the role and purpose of tissue engineering and unpacks different approaches

■ Demonstrates how to solve problems and think critically in the face of scientific discovery

■ Charges students with picking a project to design, culminating in a final presentation

■ Taught by University of California, San Diego graduate, Anita Zarska

12 hours of instruction /  6th July – 10th August / 10:30AM-12:30PM BST / £515 +VAT

Shakespeare and the Modern Solo Voice:

■ Encourages students to explore their individual artistic voice through the monologue

■ Hone acting and writing skills by studying and performing Shakespeare

■ Explores structure, modern performance, vocal technique, and the power of speech

■ Culminates in the creation of an individualised short solo play

■ Taught by Cornell University graduate and actor, Chandler Waggoner

16 hours of instruction /  13th July – 3rd August / 10:30AM-12:30PM BST / £675 +VAT

Introduction to Comparative Literature:

■ An exciting & creative preparation to university humanities seminars

■ Introduces students to Comparative Literature as a field of study and an analytical approach

■ Covers traditional novels, poetry, contemporary music and television

■ Allows students to pursue topics of interest in assignments and produce a final research project

■ Taught by Harvard College Comparative Literature graduate, Hanna Psychas

16 hours of instruction /  3rd August-24th August / 4:00PM-6:00PM BST / £675 +VAT

Proof Development in Mathematics:

■ Introduces strategies and methods of proof essential for further study in Mathematics

■ Teaches methods to prove theorems and facts that are often taken for granted

■ Reinforces the distinction between what can be assumed and what must be proved

■ Tasks students to develop an understanding of what Pure Maths looks like beyond Calculus

■ Taught by Director of Academics, Gary Surman, who has an MA in Mathematics

10 hours of instruction /  3rd August – 31st August / 10:30AM-12:30PM BST / £450 +VAT

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