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SAT Tutoring London

A-List offers the very best, customised PSAT & SAT Tutoring in London, the UK, and across Europe. Since 2005, A-List has been helping students maximise their scoring potential on the SAT, which plays a crucial role in US university admissions. We are constantly updating our proprietary textbooks and materials to reflect changes on the test and to feature our innovations in testing strategy. All of the hand-picked SAT tutors at A-List UK are graduates of top US universities, pass through our rigorous SAT training programme, attend ongoing professional development seminars and are dynamic and engaging educators. We offer a personalised approach for every student so, no matter what your needs, we can help! Learn more about SAT tutoring, PSAT tutoring, and our test prep programme below. 

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Why Choose A-List?

A-List surpasses the competition, providing the very best in-home SAT/ACT tutoring customized to meet the needs of individual students.

SAT Tutoring London

Customised Tutoring Plans
  • Flexible Pace – students work through each subject at their own pace
  • Versatile Playbook – A-List instructors have a wealth of materials to use
  • Custom Scheduling – A-List instructors can work at whatever speed is convenient
  • Call for Backup – The A-List team includes expert subject tutors for additional aid


SAT Tutoring in London

Expert Instructors
  • A-List receives about 100 applications for each tutor we accept
  • All of our instructors are college graduates from top US universities
  • Our instructors all complete over 100 hours of training before starting tutoring
  • Their students achieve some of the highest score improvements in the industry


Flexible Scheduling
  • Tutors are available weekday afternoons and evenings, and all day on weekends
  • Ability to reschedule or add sessions depending on tutor availability
  • Ability to substitute or add sessions online at practically any time
  • Self-proctored practice tests can be sent to your home


Highest Score Improvements
  • Score improvements are measured for students spending 10+ hours of preparation
  • We track our data by class year, by region, and also by school
  • Student score reports also track historical data graphically
  • Our SAT & ACT students typically improve by over three times the national average


Strategy & Content Focus
  • Our regular practice tests help tutors hone in on areas of strength and weakness
  • A-List has a flexible curriculum that tutors can modify to meet the needs of any student
  • All of our materials are designed to cultivate mastery of content


Extensively-Researched Materials
  • The SAT/ACT Book of Knowledge is updated to reflect the latest testing updates
  • Books and material for other standardised tests ranging from the SSAT to the LSAT, GMAT and GRE
  • Drills and exercises containing hundreds of practice problems with detailed explanations
  • Vocabulary flashcards to help students learn essential vocabulary



Online Tutoring Available
  • Keep their regular appointment to ensure continuity, communication and confidence
  • Online sessions can be scheduled to supplement in-person sessions to maximise potential
  • Schedule online sessions for students who are away for the summer or on school vacation

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