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"It was a wonderful program. My tutor, John, was very motivating. He helped me organize my time and our time together, to concentrate on the areas I needed most helpRead More - Sophie A., Kellenberg

"I had a wonderful experience working with my tutor. She was encouraging me, before and after each test and kept me focused and engaged. After working with my tutor, IRead More - Blake H., Wheatley

A-List Education Tutoring Professionals

"Anna Marie S. helped me so much with my personal statement and writing supplements for colleges! She has a great sense of how to approach specific topics, and is veryRead More - Ramsha A., Syosset

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"I loved having so many opportunities to take practice exams. I never felt as though I would run out of things to study, which was comforting. I think you guysRead More - Samantha G., Roslyn

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"Alyssa B. was fantastic. Aside from following the materials in the book of knowledge, she always made sure to use a plan that worked best for me. Everything was tailoredRead More - Jacob M., Bellmore JFK

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"My tutor was so great to work with and he really helped me improve on everything. I always enjoyed my sessions with him as we worked hard and also hadRead More - Marisa B., Syosset

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"My experience with A-List was fabulous. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my ACT scores and this would not have been possible without my tutor. My tutor wasRead More - Emily R., Roslyn

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"My tutor was not your average tutor. The reason I say this is because a typical tutor is not someone that you look forward to seeing each week. You usuallyRead More - David R., Wheatley

A-List Education Tutoring Professionals

"My tutor made the whole SAT process a lot easier and was there throughout every step of the way. The company efficiency is great and I would recommend A-list toRead More - Ariana B., Great Neck North

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"Dasha J. was the most amazing tutor! She helped me work on my weaknesses and gave me great tips to improve all my sections and overall score! She was greatRead More - Natalie V., Roslyn

A-List Education Tutoring Professionals

"I am very happy that I had the chance to work with A-List. My tutor was very encouraging and taught me all the skills that worked well for me andRead More - Naeha P., Herricks

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"I found that my one on one experience with an A-List tutor helped me improve my SAT scores significantly. Between the test environment provided to me on several weekends asRead More - Adam S., Bellmore JFK

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"My tutor was outstanding! He is one of the nicest, smartest people I have ever met. He is extremely easy to work with and got me the results I wasRead More - Matthew L., Roslyn

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"Dasha J. was such an amazing tutor. Not only did she teach me everything I needed to know, but she was so caring and understanding. A-List is a great company.Read More - Kyleigh C., Locust Valley

A-List Education Tutoring Professionals

"My tutor was fantastic. He was able to play to my strengths perfectly and zero in on areas that needed some fine-tuning. His patience and great sense of humor madeRead More - Emanuel D., Ramaz

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"My tutor was phenomenal. He was incredibly helpful in making me grow as a student, test taker, and person. He helped me believe in my ability and work ethic toRead More - Adam B., Plainview

A-List Education Tutoring Professionals

"Overall, I could not have been happier with, and more impressed by, my experiences with A-List. From an extended period of time working with one of your incredible tutors inRead More - Matthew B., Roslyn High School

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"A-List was amazing. Throughout the entire standardized testing process I felt extremely well prepared and supported. Due to my time with my tutor I went up an outstanding 9 pointsRead More - Cara V., Friends Academy

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"My tutor was amazing. We usually started off with a joke about college football while we were walking to the table then got right to work. He really helped meRead More - Scott S., Syosett

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"I LOVED the “Book of Knowledge!” It helped me a lot especially because of the format. Also, my tutor was amazing!!! My target score was a 30 and he helpedRead More - Jessie D., Friends Academy

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"My tutor helped me improve my SAT scores dramatically. My critical reading skills needed improvement. He patiently showed me how to master each kind of question with techniques that IRead More - Harrison S., Commack

A-List Education Tutoring Professionals

"After doing poorly on my first SAT, my parents and I searched for a tutoring service hoping to improve my score. I struggled heavily with the CR section. Within 2Read More - Boris K., Harborfields

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"Working with my tutor provided me with the opportunity to apply to any college in this country with a fighting chance of acceptance and that is all I could haveRead More - Patrick R., Ward Melville

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"Sherwyn Fullington is an outstanding tutor. First off, he is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. As the whole process of studying for the SAT/ACT happens, heRead More - Spencer G., Half Hollow Hills

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"As an athlete, I thought it would be impossible to fit test preparation into a demanding training and competition schedule. A-List made tutoring work for my schedule and I actuallyRead More - Zach J., New Rochelle

A-List Education Tutoring Professionals

"Sherwyn has been an incredibly helpful tutor and friend, who has helped me with testing processes since I applied to high schools. The A-List materials were incredibly useful for reviewingRead More - Simon B., Cate School

A-List Education Tutoring Professionals

"I was very happy with A-list. My tutor was great and really went the extra mile helping throughout the whole process. She did much more than I would have expectedRead More - Robert Bennett, New York