College Admissions Advising:
A Critical Step in College and Career Planning

The mission of A-List’s college advising program is to take the stress and confusion out of the college application process and help students gain acceptance to the colleges of their dreams. Our academic counselors will help students stay on track throughout the application process and navigate the new realities applicants and colleges are encountering. A-List’s advisors customize programs to suit each family’s specific needs.

We offer college admission advising packages or hourly rates, essay-only packages, or simply Common App review. We’re supported by a college admissions management platform and a wealth of resources.

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College Advising and Application Packages

A-List's college advising packages are designed based on individual needs, so families know they will get just what they need, when they need it.

Advising & Application Packages

Our most comprehensive package provides up to 30 hours of guidance and full application management with a senior college advisor for an unlimited number of schools.

  • Personalized application timeline
  • Course selection and academic advising
  • College list recommendations
  • Personal statement brainstorm and edits
  • Supplemental essays development
Essays-Only Package

Perfect for self-motivated seniors who are comfortable working independently and would like an expert advisor to ensure that their college essays are edited and polished.

  • Personal statement edits and final review
  • Supplemental essay edits and final review for up to 10 schools

College Advising + Tutoring Packages

Our combination of tutoring and college advising will have seniors college ready no matter where they start in their college application process.

College Ready: Foundations

Get up to 30 hours of tutoring and advising to get college ready including:

  • Personalized learning plans that target students’ academic challenges and fulfill learning potential
  • One-on-one SAT or ACT coaching and detailed score report review for every practice test
  • Brainstorming, proofing, and editing your personal statement
College Ready: Aim High

60 hours of one-on-one, live online tutoring, college advising, and academic assistance

What to expect:

  • Personalized learning plans that target students’ academic challenges and fulfill learning potential
  • One-on-one coaching and detailed score report review for every practice test
  • On-call college advisor positions the student’s application to highlight their accomplishments, academic record, and stand-out qualities
  • Step-by-step assistance on the personal statement from start to finish
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Hourly Advising Services 
and Custom Packages

$195 to $400/hour - Hourly pay-as-you-go services are available for freshmen through seniors seeking a la carte advising.

  • Personal Statement and Supplemental Essay Development
  • Selecting Universities
  • Resume and Activity List
  • Support Mock Interviews
  • Student Athlete Consulting
  • Gap Year Guidance
  • Transfer Applications
  • Summer Program Planning
  • University Visits
  • Specialized Admissions Advice
  • Course Selection and Academic Advising

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College Predictor Tool

Included in our premium and standard packages, our college list predictor helps you create a balanced college list by calculating your odds of getting accepted to schools based on admissions data.

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College Application Management Platform

Included in all of our packages, our college application management platform helps students brainstorm, develop, and organize essays to save time and stay on track through the college admissions process.

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