Our Summer Programs offer just-in-time support for students

   SAT/ACT Boot Camps & Crash Courses

Pick your program from multiple options:

  • One-week comprehensive overview of the SAT/ACT (customizable schedule)
  • One three-hour session focused on math content and strategy
  • One three-hour session focused on ELA content and strategy
  • Virtual classroom for up to 25 students
  • Delivered by experienced A-List Instructors with 100+ hours of training

   Algebra I Review Course

Designed to reaffirm knowledge and fill in foundational gaps in the wake of an uncommon year

  • Ten sessions - 90 min per session
  • Standards-aligned tour of Algebra I
  • Up to 25 students per class
  • Delivered by experienced A-List Instructors with 100+ hours of training

Includes one diagnostic test and a formative "final" to gauge improvement

   Geometry in Photography Course

  • Three-hour course
  • Explores the basics of photography and the relationship between photography and the principles of geometry

Year-round Direct Instruction programs delivered by A-List instructors to match your students’ needs:

Virtual courses delivered on Canvas 

Our virtual courses are capped at 25 students and include:

Live SAT Course on Canvas

  • A dedicated program manager
  • Custom/18/24 hours of instruction
  • Three online practice tests
  • A dashboard Diagnostic and Class Summary reports
  • 1000s of practice questions with video explanations
  • Our Book of Knowledge
  • Vocab Videos accounts for every student

College Essay Course

  • Five-week live online group instruction
  • One session per week, one hour per session
  • One-on-one essay editing for all students, outside of instruction time
  • Attendance capped at 20 students per classroom

College Access & Admissions Seminar

  • Customizable to each institution
  • Two hours per session

Instructional Hours

  • Choose one-on-one tutoring or small groups

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What People Are Saying About Our Program

“A-List was engaging and substantive for our students. Each week our Dreamers were completely immersed in the class content...The sessions were poignant, enjoyable, and challenging, and exactly what I had hoped for my Dreamers.”

Marvin Cabrera, Director, “I Have A Dream” Foundation
(NYC Metro Area)