Build Your Own Test Prep Course

Educators are “do-it-yourselfers” too! With A-List Materials and Platform Packages, we have just the right level of support for Test Prep instructors, both in and outside of the Canvas LMS:


In Person Practice Tests + Scoring

  • Tests proctored at your institution, with diagnostic reports provided by us

Online Practice Tests

  • ACT/SAT with Diagnostic & Class Summary Reports on Testive dashboard

Testive Practice Questions & Testing

  • ACT/SAT with Diagnostic & Class Summary Reports on Testive dashboard
  • 1000s of practice questions with video explanations
  • Adaptive learning platform keeps students on task while adjusting to specific needs

Results That Matter

See the A-List outcomes and success stories behind the numbers

Download the A-List Instructor Package PDF to learn more about advanced digital tools to use in your school or classroom to support your students.

Online tutoring

We Help Your Teachers Stay Up to Date

To help support our school and institutional partners, we implement supplemental training webinars, available throughout the year every two weeks with a variety of topics to refresh content, review teaching strategies, and assess practice test results. These supplemental sessions are for reviewing and/or reinforcing training material. The sessions can delve deeper into content, strategies, and techniques, or act as a refresher on topics covered during A-List professional development.

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75+ Years of Experience

Our A-List senior team collectively boasts 75+ years of tutoring, teaching, and standardized test preparation experience and has provided instruction to more than 100,000 students. A-List’s books are written by test experts who have combined the knowledge gained through countless hours spent researching ACT and SAT tests with their practical experience teaching thousands of students. Our methods and techniques are proven effective by countless students who used A-List materials and successfully increased their ACT and SAT scores, some by as much as three times the national average. Our books offer students and educators essential techniques, strategies, and insights for mastering the ACT & SAT. Learn all of the content you need to know, helpful tricks and shortcuts specific to question types, and how to avoid common mistakes.

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