In-Depth ACT & SAT Test Assessment

A-List's testing and reporting lets teachers administer full-length practice tests on bubble sheets printed on plain paper (no special forms required) for diagnostic and practice exams. They get detailed score reports that provide in-depth performance analysis of both individual student and whole-class performance at a glance. If students are learning online, we offer fully digital testing and reporting through Testive.

Our reports enable educators to access standards-aligned reports detailing student performance.

Digital or Paper ACT & SAT Practice Tests

  • Print, scan and grade bubble sheets with just a printer, scanner, and internet connection
  • Use real retired ACT & SAT tests for accurate scores
  • Assign supplementary quizzes in person or online

Reports and Analytics

  • Instantly generate student and classroom reports to analyze student performance
  • Group student data to view trends of whole-class mastery
  • Utilize data to steer instruction and address crucial topics
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Standard Reports

  • Student: individual reports to hand back to each student with a full account of their performance.
  • Summary: an overview of all scores for an entire class as well as their improvement from the earliest test.
  • Item Analysis: a question-by-question account of student responses, class performance by question type or state standard, and a list of questions for each type.
  • Standards and Mastery: a versatile query tool to show class-level performance on A-List question types or state standards according to a number of different factors. These reports can also track student performance by any demographic category you wish. When your roster is uploaded to the system, you can include additional data about your students in virtually any category you like (examples: grade, age, gender, race, ELL, free/reduced lunch, etc.).

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In-Depth Reports

These reports carefully choose the most relevant reports from the standard options and add additional details, all in one consolidated document.

  • Question type performance (according to your demographic categories)
  • State standard performance (according to your demographic categories)
  • Final score improvement (according to your demographic categories)
  • Score improvements across multiple years
  • Definitions of questions types
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A-List will host a one-hour webinar to dive deep into the data at a student, class or school level. Teachers and administrators will find our ACT & SAT data reports useful to steer instruction, drive score improvements, and customize ACT & SAT curriculum.

See What Educators Say About A-List

“We have been using A-List since 2012 and are very happy with our results. A-List has trained our teachers how to integrate SAT/ACT skills and use A-List materials in their classrooms. Our school SAT mean this year is 1211 compared to our district mean of 962. Overall, 97% of our students meet the SAT ELA benchmark, 89% of our students meet the SAT Math benchmark, and 95% of our students are above the district mean. Thank you!”

Kevin Froner, Principal, Manhattan Hunter Science High School, NY