Educating Teachers Through Live, Online Professional Development

In today’s landscape, teachers need to constantly evolve to respond to the times. A-List Education supports schools, districts and education organizations to stay current on best practices. We customize professional development packages to give instructors the tools and resources they need right now to integrate updated strategies into existing curricula and run a stand alone course.

Training sessions specifically teach how to incorporate Common Core and state standards and integrate the test prep content into their classrooms.

Until we are able to deliver programs in person, A-List uses Canvas and Testive, as well as an extensive suite of teacher books, study guides, and online resources.

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A-List Professional Development Seminars

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COURSE OFFERING: Live, Online, A-List-Led Professional Development for Instructors
  • Seminars focused on integrating college readiness and ACT or SAT content into standards-aligned live/virtual class environments
  • Customizable content
  • Hourly rate based on number of teachers

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A-List Content Aligned with State Standards

Common Core standards do not specifically outline exact curriculum requirements, allowing schools and districts the freedom to make their own choices about how to run their classes while still adhering to the standards. With this in mind, A-List offers school leaders the best material that’s tailored to suit their academic objectives. The struggle to find the right material is REAL, and A-List Education has the answer!

SAT & ACT Curriculum and Common Core Alignment

The SAT & ACT tests are already aligned to Common Core and state standards. They are designed to identify whether students are ready for college by testing the skills and knowledge students will need when they get there. In fact, both the College Board and ACT, Inc. were actively involved in the creation of the Common Core standards, and their own research about college readiness was integral to the program. School leaders can be confident that ACT and SAT prep is fully compatible with the Common Core and helps students acquire and refine real skills they will need and use in college and career.

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State Standards and Real Evidenced SAT & ACT Alignment

Our materials and resources are aligned to meet state standards such as TEKS, Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE), Oklahoma Academic Standards, Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL), Alaska State Standards, Nebraska State Standards, Indiana Academic Standards, and South Carolina Standards and Learning. These requirements are designed based on real evidence to align with the knowledge and skills necessary for life beyond high school.

Interested in learning more or getting started with A-List’s Common Core & State Standards Alignment? Contact us. An A-List representative will be in touch with more details about our offerings.

Professional Development Seminars

Additionally, the process of preparation often involves using other skills that aren’t explicitly tested on the exams. In our Professional Development seminars, A-List shares how the standards align with the skills and techniques used to prepare for college entrance exams and ways to incorporate material from the tests into tasks beyond the scope of the tests themselves.

Our trainers provide teachers with specific ways to incorporate SAT prep and ACT prep, strategies, and content into their regular curriculum beginning in the 9th grade. Our materials can be adapted for use in any class that is working to meet The Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics.

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