We believe every student deserves equal access to higher education, which is why we provide schools with advanced education technology, live instruction from highly trained teachers and tutors, and instructional materials proven to raise scores for students of all abilities. Our online instructors help create a dynamic and engaging classroom environment with a carefully planned and customized curriculum designed in collaboration with your organization. Our combined use of print and digital materials creates adaptable curriculum and lesson plans, maximizing the efficiency of learning impact in the classroom. 

Classroom instruction options are available live online, in person, or a combination for school and nonprofit partners. These options include:

  • Traditional test prep for SAT and ACT
  • Core Skills classes
  • Focused small group classes
  • Teacher assistance in the classroom
  • College readiness programming
  • Teacher resources
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Meet Our Instructors

In more than 10 years, we have worked with 80,000+ students from a variety of academic backgrounds. We believe by bringing together experienced, inspirational educators and implementing our customized curricula, we can deliver a level of excellence in test preparation that is not available to every student.

A-List Education Tutoring Professionals

Anna D.


Ashley M.

Tutor, Program Teacher
A-List Education Tutoring Professionals

Christian D.

Program Teacher
A-List Education Tutoring Professionals

Dasha J.

Tutor, Program Teacher , College Advisor

Dean S.

Senior Tutor

Gary L.

Tutor, Program Teacher

Isa L.

Tutor, Program Teacher

Jon M.

Senior Tutor, Program Teacher
Jonathan Davis

Jonathan D.

Program Teacher

Jonghee Celeste Q.

Program Teacher

Jose G.


Marc K.

Program Teacher
Samuel Adams

Samuel A.

Program Teacher

Tristan M.

Program Teacher

Zach L.

Program Teacher

Zev F.


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What People Are Saying About Our Program

“My tutor was phenomenal. He was incredibly helpful in making me grow as a student, test taker, and person. He helped me believe in my ability and work ethic to get through the ACT and all the work that came with it. He helped make it possible for me to overcome this test. He is a great teacher and person through and through.”

Adam B., Plainview