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Manhattan Hunter Science High School

(New York, NY)


  • About

    We provided SAT* Professional Development and Direct Instruction to Manhattan High School teachers from Spring 2013 to Spring 2016. (*Please note: SAT indicates old SAT format)

  • Success

    Overall, the program was a success. On average, students improved by 88, 92 an d88 points on Math, Reading and Writing sections, respectively. The total score improvement on all sections was 268 points. For the last several years, A-List has provided SAT professional development to MHSHS staff – training teachers in SAT content, relevant alignment with Common Core standards, utilizing effective materials, and incorporating A-List’s content and assessment portal with vital data and analytics into best practices – as well as supplemental direct instruction for students.

  • Testimonial

    Manhattan Hunter Science Principal, Kevin Froner, says, “…The bottom line is that in addition to outperforming most New York City high schools, our SAT math scores are higher than 70% of suburban Westchester schools, many of which, have median incomes more than triple of what our families earn.” Performing well on the SAT provides these students with the opportunity to earn a full scholarship to Hunter College, through a separate private funding partnership. More than 75% of MHSHS students now qualify for a full ride to Hunter—the highest percentage of qualifying students in the school’s history.

“I just wanted to share this news with you and to say thank you for what A-List is doing for our students. Our kids and teachers have benefited greatly from A-List’s exceptional ACT program. A new 11th grade student who enrolled in January 2017, has seen her ACT composite score improve eight (8) total points since being in our ACT Prep course (from an 18 to a 26). She improved four (4) points in February and four (4) more points in April. She is our biggest increase in ACT composite score since we started the class. Additionally, MRAs graduating class ACT composite average eclipsed the 24+ threshold following the first year (2014-15) of implementing the ACT prep program offered by A-List. Since then our graduating class average has been above 24+. We had not attained this level of success once in the previous 10 years. So thank you.”

—Principal, Madison Ridgeland Academy (MS)

“We are thrilled with the results of our A-List products. The training is excellent and the materials are updated and logically organized with just the right amount of humor. More importantly, the strategies are some you just don’t see anywhere else. With them my ‘average’ students are improving 5 ACT points, and my top 25% students are improving 5-7 points, just by working in the books and taking practice tests. My students are more engaged in the practice. The work is scaffolded so that even my ‘weakest’ students see marked improvement in themselves and in their scores. The materials are excellent – great strategies. The ability to choose what materials work best for you has been great for my district’s financial situation. We add as we learn and grow. We are very pleased with the results, and our students are especially grateful! We have a curriculum that works with results to prove it. The data that supports the student manuals is very helpful and the quality of the material is better than anything else I’ve seen.” 

Teacher, Hallsville High School (TX)

“We were constantly trying to pull test prep questions from various sources, grade, and then try to figure out where our students needed help. Now, we rely on A-List for mass grading and diagnostic reports to give us the detailed information we need. This year we had a record high of ACT students who [scored] a 35 or 36 on the ACT, and 40% of our graduating seniors scored a 30 or higher.

We have also created a semester class that uses A-List’s ACT books and practice tests analysis as the class resource. After a successful year, we are adding an additional class and will use the SAT Book of Knowledge as the class resource. Students appreciate the immediate feedback from the data analysis and use the BOK without too much teenage annoyance. They usually read and work through the book. The reading level in easy and the text is full of little funny phrases that capture and keep students’ attention.

Additionally, my teachers are more willing to incorporate test prep into their class because the A-List material is easy to use.”

—Teacher, Jackson Preparatory School (MS)

“I absolutely love using A-List’s student workbooks in my test prep sessions. I love how the material is taught in small sections and then students are given the opportunity to use those skills to work through a few problems. I assign the problems at the end of each chapter for homework for them to do prior to coming back to class the next week. Scores on the ACT have increased up to 8 points..scores on the SAT have increased as much as 150. Many students come prior to ever taking a test, so I do not know what their score increase is, but many thank me after working with them due to their high scores.”

—Teacher, North Raleigh Christian Academy (NC)

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  • About

    NJ LEEP, Inc. (The New Jersey Law and Education Empowerment Project) was founded to empower youth from underserved neighborhoods in northern New Jersey to greater educational achievement through a three-fold focus on skills, habits, and exposure. NJ LEEP focuses upon combining law-related education programming with college access programming.

  • Program Summary

    A-List partnered with NJ LEEP to provide their junior class with ACT instruction over the summer of their rising junior year. Programming was two-fold starting in summer with an intensive 30-hour boot camp and continued with ongoing instruction during the academic year. The program consisted of:
    • 30-hour summer ACT boot camp
    • 94-hours of ACT classroom instruction during school year
    • Total of 8 ACT practice tests

  • ACT Score Improvement

    Average Score Improvement:


    Percent of Students with Improving Scores:


    90% +2 points

    73% +4 points

    23% +6 points

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