Gary Surman Testimonials

We feel lucky to have had A-List get three of our kids ready for the SAT and ACT exams. Gary Surman is an incredibly effective tutor and a wonderful person. He was responsive, insightful, and generous with his time. Gary made special trips to our home to drop off extra study materials. He grasped where the weaknesses were and targeted those weaknesses relentlessly. His technique worked and his tenacity paid off. Gary is a gifted teacher and his results speak for themselves.
Mother of Meghan A. (North Shore HS, 2017)

I liked the the flexibility around the testing schedule, the convenience of testing- and also the detailed results. I had immediate feedback on my tests, and essays. Gary Surman, my tutor, used the reports to focus on areas of weakness and he taught me strategies that I could use to improve performance in those areas. Gary was detailed and patient, easy to work with too. My parents signed me up for tutoring one-to-one, which also was effective because it was centered directly on me and we would get a lot done in a single session.”
Erica C. (POB JFK, 2017)

“My son worked with Gary Surman and had an amazing experience. Gary was very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. He gave great advise about the act test as well as preparing him for the test. We were very pleased.”
-Mother of Scott M. (Roslyn, 2017)

“Working with Gary for two years was an unbelievable honor and pleasure. His dedicated attention to everything, kind manner, and confidence boosters all added to my extremely successful testing experience. I wouldn’t change a thing that he did. I loved the practice tests and the a list prep books. Everything was so helpful and so clear that it made my life extremely easy in a very stressful time. Thank you Gary and all of A-List!”
Cameron H. (Friends, 2015) +5 ACT points
University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2019

“The A-List program is very comprehensive and really provided a lot of elements to help improve my SAT performance. I took full advantage of the full program including, tutoring, materials and diagnostic/practice testing.”
Jake S. (Bellmore JFK, 2014) +370 SAT points
Emory University, Class of 2018

Gary Surman was awesome! He had such a wonderful way of explaining things to Adam, and truly cared that Adam understood each and every concept. If Adam still didn’t understand something after they went over it, Gary would find alternate ways to explain it until Adam totally grasped the concept. I recommended Gary to a friend of mine (who is now using him) and would gladly recommend him to anyone else who is looking for a tutor.”
Mother of Adam D. (Garden City, 2014) +300 SAT points

Gary Surman is not only a fantastic tutor, but the most kind and patient educator I have ever had the privilege to meet and work with. Gary makes the SAT/ACT process into an easy one with common sense approaches and humor. I could not have been more glad to have worked with Gary, as he not only improved my score tremendously, but also got me to become a better, more efficient critical thinker. If you ever have the chance to work with or even speak with Gary, you will realize the immense amount of consistent effort and care that transcends the typical tutor to student interaction. I cannot thank A-List enough for matching me with such an amazing tutor, but more importantly, such an amazing person in Gary Surman.”
Michael S. (Jericho, 2014) +400 SAT points

“Our tutor was Gary. He was smart and encouraging… the perfect fit.”
Carly T. (Portledge, 2014) +440 SAT points

“Thank you A-List for recommending the BEST tutor, Gary Surman. He met with my daughter twice a week over the summer and worked diligently with her for six months. He was always on time and sometimes even went over the hour session without even charging for his time. Gary’s knowledge of the material, and ability to teach and explain it as thoroughly as he did, brought her scores up almost 500 points!! I loved that she was able to take simulated practice tests that were offered every weekend. Gary knew exactly when to have her sit for one of these practice tests and she could see the improvement as they worked together. Thank you for all your help!!! She was so comfortable after taking the simulated tests that when she sat for the actual exam it was and was able to allocate her time to complete it.”
Mother of Jennifer D. (St. Anthony’s, 2014) +390 SAT points

“Working with Gary Surman provided me with the opportunity to apply to any college in this country with a fighting chance of acceptance and that is all I could have asked for. He held me accountable for my work and always pushed, but not overwhelmingly. His intellect is easily conveyed to his students and his effort to teach is valiant. He made a grueling experience tolerable and I recommend him to everyone.”
Patrick R. (Ward Melville, 2014) +340 SAT points

“I just want to recommend one of your instructors for being so great, so professional, so respectful and so attentive. Gary Surman has been tutoring my daughter for the SAT test since August. In that time, he has never missed a class and has never even been late. In fact, on many occasions, he stays well past the hour because they’re still working. My daughter thinks he’s a great teacher and she has an easy time listening to him instruct and understanding him. I can’t tell you how much of a difference this will make in her score, but I can tell you that my husband and I believe he has helped a lot and, while the fee was a sacrifice for us, we don’t regret a cent of it. Thanks for sending such a nice, young man to our home to help prepare our daughter for the SAT.”
Mother of Betsy H. (St. Anthony’s, 2011)
Georgetown University, Class of 2015