Sherwyn Fullington Testimonials

“Prior to working with Sherwyn, I had taken a 28 day ACT prep course at Yale, met with three ACT tutors, and taken more practice tests than I can count. To everyone’s dismay, none of these efforts resulted in any substantial improvement to my score. By the time of my first session with Sherwyn, I had already taken the ACT three times and, being a senior, I was running out of time to get my score up. While I consistently got maximum scores in English and reading, I struggled to do as well with the math and science sections of the test. After just three months of meeting with Sherwyn, my math score increased by nine points, my science score by four points, and my composite score by five points. Through a regimen of practice tests, workbook problems, and frequent online/in-person sessions (in addition to his patient encouragement), Sherwyn helped me reach my true potential. I am endlessly thankful for all of his guidance, and I cannot recommend him enough.”

-Pheobe S. (Columbia Prep, 2018) +5 ACT points

“I finally got a score I was happy with – all thanks to Sherwyn and A-list!!!”
-Lauren S. (Trevor Day, 2016) +330 SAT points
New York University, Class of 2020

“Sherwyn Fullington was an outstanding tutor! He is one of the nicest, smartest people I have ever met. He is extremely easy to work with and got me the results I was looking for. Sherwyn knows the test inside-out and was able to offer great advice, techniques, and tricks to help me through each section of the test. Overall, I had a great experience with Sherwyn and highly recommend him as a tutor!”
-Matthew L. (Roslyn, 2017) +11 ACT points

“After working with Sherwyn, my ACT scores bumped up a whole 5+ in almost every section. I am very content with my scores and I could not have done it without my great tutor and weekly practice ACT’s at Temple Judea.” 
-Joelle V. (Five Towns & Rockaway, 2017) +4 ACT points
SUNY Binghamton, Class of 2021

“Sherwyn Fullington is an outstanding tutor. First off, he is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. As the whole process of studying for the SAT/ACT happens, he is extremely patient with you. He really takes the time to make sure you know everything you need to know for the exams. He knows these exams inside out and teaches you so many tips and tricks and really prepares you for the exams. By the time you go in to take them, you know what your doing and are fully prepared. I started off with about a 1300 on the SAT and by the time my tutoring sessions with Sherwyn were over, I had achieved a score of 1910. He really is one of the best SAT/ACT tutors available.”
-Spencer G (Half Hollow Hills West, 2016) +600 SAT points
Tulane University, Class of 2020

“I had a phenomenal experience with A-List and my tutor, Sherwyn. I was very pleased with the outcome of my SAT scores and would not have been as successful without the great tips and support that Sherwyn gave me. He was always positive and tailored the material to my learning style. I also loved having the opportunity to take tests every weekend in a real testing environment at Temple Judea. Thank you so much to A-List and Sherwyn for helping me achieve my personal best!”
-Lauren G. (Jericho, 2016) + 440 SAT points
Northwestern University, Class of 2020

Anna Marie Smith and Sherwyn Fullington were both essential in helping my daughter Tori get into her dream school. First, with Sherwyn with his unlimited patience to help Tori reach her potential on her ACT test. Then with Anna Marie, with her insights on Tori’s college essays and application process. Both Anna Marie and Sherwyn helped Tori feel confident and at ease with the sometimes arduous college application process. Honestly, I cannot say enough nice things about Sherwyn, Anna Marie and A-List.”
-Mother of Tori F. (Schreiber, 2016) +5 ACT points
University of Michigan, Class of 2020

“I loved working with Sherwyn. He helped me improve my scores immensely and was so much fun to work with!”
Katie K. (Wheatley, 2015) +7 ACT points

“Our son Adam had a great experience working with Sherwyn. He provided Adam with great studying techniques and test taking strategies. Sherwyn not only boosted Adam’s self-confidence but also his scores! Adam couldn’t have done it without him!”
-Mother of Adam R. (Schreiber, 2014) +440 SAT points

“I just wanted to say thank you to Sherwyn for the wonderful job you did in coaching both my son and daughter during there ACT preparation. We appreciate you providing great insights into problem analysis, time management and strategies for eliminating responses that may be wrong in answering multiple choice questions. They both improved their scores and this came about because of your assistance and coaching. Both ended up with a 33 and 34 respectively on ACT, were accepted to the colleges of their choice and received merit scholarship funds. They will both tell you that Sherwyn’s tutoring was instrumental in providing the framework, technique and knowledge to achieve their testing goals. You truly made a difference in their lives! Thank you!”
-Mother of Reed K. (Schreiber, 2013) +2 ACT points & Olivia K. (Schreiber, 2015) +5 ACT points

“Thank goodness for Sherwyn Fullington. He is an amazing teacher and mentor. Not only did he inspire my daughter to work to her fullest potential (not an easy task) but he became her mentor and friend. He told me where he thought her score should ultimately be and that is exactly where her score wound up. If you are lucky enough to have Sherwyn, do everything he tells you to do, trust his judgment and his insight. He is like the ACT/SAT whisperer.”
Mother of Danielle E. (Wheatley, 2014) +4 ACT points

“I was very satisfied with A-List. I really connected with my tutor, Sherwyn, and enjoyed all of my sessions. The practice tests offered on Sunday’s were very helpful and conveniently located. Without question the tutoring I had significantly improved my SAT scores. My tutor understood how I studied and geared our lessons to be very effective for me.”
Danielle L. (Roslyn, 2013) +500 SAT points

“My son, Sean, LOVED working with Sherwyn. He liked him as a tutor and as a person. I think their bond was critical to my son’ s success. Thanks to Sherwyn, Sean is a National Merit Commended student. We won’t miss the testing, but we’ll really miss Sherwyn!”
-Mother of Sean B. (Garden City, 2012) +390 SAT points

“A-List helped me get the SAT score I wanted. From the beginning of the process to the end my score went up 550 points. My tutor, Sherwyn, really helped me understand the SAT and strived for me to achieve the highest SAT score I could get. I looked forward to tutor sessions because I would improve every time and my tutor was very likable.”
-Scott A. (Roslyn, 2011) +550 SAT points