Affiliate Program

The A-list affiliate program was designed to help new/and or existing tutoring companies and individual tutors all over the world expand their offerings to include SAT/ACT prep to their clients. A-List can provide professional development for staff, as well as consulting services and support to new companies.


  • Unlimited tutor/instructor access (for up to 5 tutors) to our SAT/ACT content and assessment portal which includes: the electronic version of The Book of Knowledge, Teachers Edition; instant scoring and analysis functionality; access to instructional content, lesson plans, quizzes & files; PowerPoint presentations that explain every question in The Book of Knowledge
  • Unlimited test assessments, drill and quiz reporting and analytics; essay grading is also available
  • Vocab Videos accounts for all teachers and students
  • One initial 1 hour customized onboarding webinar- walkthrough the portal functionalities; this will be recorded to share with your tutors and to serve as your customized guide to build self–sufficiency within the portal; Additional technical support to be provided
  • Use of A-List support materials for recruitment and retention of tutoring clients, forms and business development documents
  • Use of our logo, A-List Education, as your materials provider
  • Access to quarterly webinars on client management and evaluation
  • A-List will produce a year end report that will review score improvements

Supplemental Training


Please contact A-List directly for options and fees for professional development.

A-List can provide affiliates with training services for their tutors both at A-List’s offices and on-site at the affiliate’s facility anywhere in the world.

Training sessions provide a general overview of all sections, including discussions about format, content, scoring and overall strategies. Trainings will be customized to address the attendees’ needs and also the appropriate test: SAT, ACT or both. Additionally, A-List’s staff will hold subject specific seminars in which affiliate staff will have the opportunity to work in-depth on subject specific techniques, common mistakes, and practice problems. Supplemental training webinars are also available throughout the year to refresh content, review teaching strategies, and assess practice test results. Multiple trainers can be sent to hold concurrent trainings.

Introductory Package includes:

o 2 days of training

o 6 hours of intensive ELA/Reading/Writing training: sentence completions, reading passage strategies and question types, error identification, sentence improvement

o 6 hours of intensive Math/Science training: math techniques including plug in, backsolve, and guesstimate; general strategies and common mistakes

The cost does not include airfare or hotel for trainers or teachers materials.

o A-List will provide certification of attendance to our workshops, but cannot specifically endorse any company or tutor solely based on workshop participation.

o Trainings are customized to suit the level of experience attendees have with teaching the ACT or SAT.

Please see our product overview for more information about our materials and other programs.

Additional Technical Assistance/Consulting Services

Additional consultations, in person, over the phone and online are available (not including travel costs or expenses). Some examples of additional consulting services are:

  •         Ability to upload customized testing content, supporting standard and unique curriculum objectives
  •         Ability to add and remove tutors throughout the year
  •         Guidance on the process for recruiting students and families
  •         Guidance on the process for effectively matching clients with particular tutors
  •         Assistance in general business development endeavors and potential referrals
  •         Procedures on how to hire effective tutors and explanations of qualifications that are desirable

A-List Affiliates

A-List is proud to have a number of organizations as affiliates. Please find some of them listed below: