Maryland State Analysis of the ACT & SAT

A-List Education is equipped to assist Maryland educators in helping students achieve their college goals.  Our expertise with the ACT and SAT, along with our knowledge of Common Core and MD Standards of Excellence allows us to help schools successfully integrate the ACT and SAT into existing curriculum. We also aim to help teachers create their own ACT and SAT prep courses. We have worked with a number of Maryland schools, including: Thomas Stone High School, St. Mary’s County Public Schools, and Westminster High School.

How do your students’ ACT and SAT scores compare to Maryland’s state averages?

  • MD ACT Avg: 23
  • MD SAT Avg: 1070

Students may feel a great amount of pressure due to the importance of the ACT/SAT regarding their academic future and our goal is to help alleviate that pressure. Teachers may feel pressure to prep their students for the ACT/SAT as best they can while still sticking to their own curriculum, we can relieve that pressure.

We specialize in ACT and SAT professional development for you and your teachers to feel properly equipped for ACT/SAT prep. College entrance exams can be daunting for students and teachers alike, but A-List can help make ACT/SAT test preparation a manageable undertaking.  One of the ways we accomplish this is by teaching students how to incorporate information from all disciplines to address any particular test question.

What happens when you not only teach your students how to succeed on the ACT/SAT, but also how to utilize that test-taking knowledge across all disciplines? You help your students for the rest of their academic careers. Students scoring highly on the ACT/SAT are more likely to gain access to the college or university that they desire. Also, the learning techniques you teach them now, will inform how they learn in their adult lives. We want to help you help your students become better learners, not just better test-takers.

Our School & Institutional Partnerships team would love to work with you and your school on improving your students’ scores. We will coordinate with your school/organization to create a customized professional development plan for your teachers.

If you have a Maryland State Department of Education contact to communicate to all MD high schools, A-List is happy to offer a FREE 1-day PD that focuses on running your own course and integrating ACT/SAT skills in your classroom.

Please complete our get started form if you are interested in learning about scheduling a training and finding out how A-List can help your school or organization.