Western Schools

We have worked with several schools, districts, and non-profit organizations in California and Oregon.  

Schools We've Worked With


  • Accord Education – Irvine, CA
  • Aspire Public Schools – Huntington Park, CA
  • Besant Hill School – Ojai, CA
  • Whitney High School – Rocklin, CA
  • Robert W. Tutoring – Simi Valley, CA
  • Rocklin High School – Rocklin, CA
  • Scholars’ Hope Foundation – Huntington Beach, CA


  • Lincoln County School District – Newport, OR


Accord Education

Everything is great. I’m impressed! Very helpful. Thank you so much!

This was the best time I spent at the conference–I am excited now about teaching this class.

Instructor was very personable and efficient/knowledgeable. Best speaker all weekend!

Aspire Public Schools

I loved the wealth of problems, great presentation and amazing enthusiasm!

Besant Hill School

All the materials/lessons/instructors are amazing. So happy with this course.

Everything was wonderful and a great learning experience.

Lincoln County School District

Dory clearly knew his subject and delivered a mind-blowing presentation.

Instruction was great! Responsive, engaging, helpful.

Robert W. Tutoring

I’ve been using A-List materials for over 3 years privately with students. Great resources and great results.

Whitney High School

Dory was amazing! The guy oozes knowledge. Awesome.

I will leave with a better understanding of test structure and content that will help me better prepare my students for these exams. I will also be able to help them with test taking strategies for improved scores and reduced test anxiety.

Evaluation Averages

  • 95.25% of attendees found the professional development to be a valuable experience.
  • 96.30% of attendees found their instructors knowledgeable and engaging.
  • 95% found that topics were covered in an organized fashion.