A-List Education Launches New Online SAT/ACT Assessment and Materials Portal

test scoringA-List’s Assessment and Materials Platform is a portal which enables a teaching paradigm offering teachers and students instant student assessments allowing adaptive curriculum techniques to meet student needs. “A-List schools using our materials and the portal are saving up to 90% in comparison to traditional test prep classes” says Scott Farber, President and Founder of A-List Education. Over 4,000 students are already enrolled in the portal, representing school districts in Massachusetts, New York, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee. Internationally, A-List has also added students through its programs in China, the UK and Dubai.

With test scoring as low as $5.00 per test, A-list’s online test assessment portal is a low-cost, automated and rapid solution for generating test scores, analyses and delivering instant feedback on student performance for the ACT and SAT. Beyond standardized test, the Portal can also support other K-12 curriculum, integrating relevant standards at every grade level and for any subject.

Key Features include:

  • Instant scoring and analysis for quizzes, homework and ACT/SAT test allows teachers to start reviewing results sooner and spend more class time on what students need.
  • Detailed reports allow teachers to focus curriculum and course schedule to address most crucial topics.
  • Structured student and instructional content from A-List’s The Book of Knowledge, complemented with full suite of supporting class materials on paper, digital and smart board friendly formats.
  • All questions are categorized and aligned to The Common Core State Standards.
  • Assign and administer exams and other assignments across multiple schools, teachers and classes with ease.
  • Analyze student performance across customized demographic categories.

See the press release!

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