A-List Education Professional Development: Life-Saving Solutions for the SAT & ACT

Which of the following is true about SAT and ACT test preparation?

SAT and ACT test prep can…

  • Create STRESS for students, parents, and counselors
  • Improve odds of college admission
  • Cost families thousands of dollars
  • Earn students scholarships, grants, and financial aid
  • Be aligned to Common Core curriculum
  • ALL of the above

If you answered “all of the above” you are absolutely correct! However, you’re in luck because A-List Education provides schools with life-saving solutions for the SAT and ACT! A-List will train your staff to teach SAT/ACT preparation courses, and to deliver test prep curriculum aligned with Common Core standards. We offer:
  • Professional Development/Teacher Training
  • Student and Teacher Materials
  • Test Grading Services
  • Course Support
  • Curriculum Planning

Did you know…
The average national score improvement from PSAT to SAT is 55 points. Since 2010, students who completed an A-List SAT program taught by school faculty had an average total score improvement of 155 points! 86% of parents surveyed nationwide would enroll their children in an SAT/ACT course if it were offered during or after school and taught by school faculty.

Interested in bringing A-List SAT and ACT professional development to your school? Contact us now to get started!

Our daughters were accepted into their top choice colleges and my wife and I give full credit to A-List…The significant improvements in their SAT scores and the fact that we, as parents, were able to provide that opportunity for them is precisely why there is a need for the type of program you have developed to be made available to every child regardless of income. This is why I have brought A-List into school districts I have been fortunate enough to lead: to train our teachers and provide the support necessary to improve our students’ scores.

-Dr. James Montesano, Father and Nyack Schools Superintendent


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