Attention Students: Stay Motivated After the Holidays!

britneyFeeling less than studious after the holidays?

We know – getting back into school mode after a long break isn’t easy. (We’d rather be back in our pajamas, too.) Between the time off and the post-holiday blues, studying after a school break can seem so much harder than before, but rather than drown under the monumental weight of the SAT and ACT, take action! Here are a few tips from A-List tutors to help you get back on track, now and at any point in the year: 

1)  State your goal.

  • Set specific goals (“I want to get a 32 on the ACT” instead of “I want to do really well on the ACT”). This can help you track your progress and stay motivated.
  • If you don’t have a specific number or range in mind, discuss this with your tutor. Be sure to keep in mind your target schools and their average test scores for admitted students.

2) Create sub-goals based on your progress.

  • Use past score reports and practice tests to set goals for each individual section.
  • Focus on which subsections, passage types, and techniques have the lowest accuracy. (A-List’s practice test score reports break down this information for you!)
  • Again, set specific goals, such as “I want to get my long passage and double passage accuracy up to 80%.”
  • Ask your tutor for suggestions! Our tutors are trained to see what students need to work on so they may recognize additional sub-goals.

3) Plan a schedule with your tutor.

  • Create a plan to focus on your goals and sub-goals based on how much time you have until your final test. This schedule should cover tutoring sessions as well as individual studying.
  • Make sure to create the schedule with your tutor so that they can tailor their tutoring to your goals. Your tutor will also have important advice on what to study when.

4) Be realistic.

  • When defining your goals, keep in mind how much time you have to study. The more time you have, the more detailed your goals can be.
  • Ask your tutor how much material you can expect to cover given your established timeline.

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