Preparing for Graduate School: GRE, GMAT, LSAT & MCAT Tutoring

Preparing for Graduate School: GRE, GMAT, LSAT & MCAT Tutoring

Your SATs and ACTs are a distant memory, but if you’re planning to attend graduate school – standardized tests are still important! A-List’s expert teachers offer one-on-one tutoring for the following graduate school tests:

•    GRE (group classes also available)
•    GMAT
•    LSAT
•    MCAT

Our expert instructors will prepare you for whichever test is in your future, using the same care and attention to detail you have come to expect from A-List. If you are interested in learning more about our graduate exam offerings please complete the “Graduate Exam Tutoring Request” form below.

Please read on to meet our senior tutors!

Graduate Exam Tutoring Request

Meet Senior GRE & GMAT Tutor, Clay Glad:

Clay Glad grew up in New York but went to school largely on the west coast, where he studied philosophy, mathematics, and linguistics. He did his graduate work in mathematical logic at Stanford, where he taught classes in logic, philosophy of mind, and ethics, and was certified as a writing instructor.

Not wanting to end up living in Des Moines, Clay opted to become an editor rather than a professor. He has edited textbooks and scholarly works in philosophy, logic and mathematics, religion, and music. His experience as an editor in designing multimedia instructional materials led him subsequently to work in developing courseware for a variety of subjects and to teaching in a wide variety of settings.

Meet Senior LSAT Tutor, Allen Springer:

Allen Springer grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated from Emory University.

He spent a year traveling after college, and upon his return, Allen was accepted to the MA/PhD program in American Literature at New York University; however, with the change in atmosphere of academics at the time, he left after two plus years of study. While in graduate school, he taught SAT, GRE, and LSAT courses for the nation’s two largest test-preparation companies.

After graduate school, he was briefly an editor for the leading qualitative marketing research company.

Allen then found his niche, blending his business acumen and fondness of education, working for a successful Long Island test-preparation company, where he spent eight years teaching literally thousands of students and directing the company.

While looking for a new experience, Allen was presented with an interesting opportunity to work for the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). As the Acting Director of a non-profit initiative and research center at UCSD, he was tasked to improve the education and training opportunities of information and storage management professionals. The program was a nexus for industry, end users, and academia.

Allen now finds himself happily back in New York, working for A-List as one of its Directors and tutoring students for the LSAT.

MCAT Tutoring

While A-List doesn’t tutor for the MCAT directly, we’re pleased to introduce you to few of our trusted partners who do. Learn more about them below: 

Dr. Gary Goldman | PreMed Consulting

Dr. Gary Goldman assists aspiring physicians in crafting an ideal application to medical school. From the first steps of carefully planning courses and activities in college, through application editing and interview preparation, Dr. Goldman individually helps and inspires students to achieve their greatest potential and achieve their dreams.

Dr. Goldman is a practicing physician at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Medical College on the upper east side of Manhattan. He has served on the Cornell Medical College Committee on Admissions for ten years, as well as on the Tri-Institutional MD/PhD Program of Cornell University, Rockefeller University, and Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for seven years.

With his experience and insights into medical school admissions, he can share a deep understanding of the admissions officers’ analysis and decision-making. Through compassion and humor he works to make the process far less stressful. By limiting the number of students, Dr. Goldman provides one-on-one help in a timely and individualized manner. His services are particularly helpful for the student with a less-than-ideal application.

For more information on PreMed Consulting, visit:

Dr. Stuart Donnelly | Doctor MCAT

With over 18 years of teaching experience and a Ph.D. in mathematics from Oxford University, Dr. Donnelly is considered by many leading educators to be one of the most experienced and qualified private tutors in the country.

After graduating from Oxford, Dr. Donnelly followed his love of teaching and embarked upon a full-time career in education. He lectured at George Washington University, D.C. before accepting a teaching position at Hong Kong’s prestigious French International School. While in Hong Kong, he founded and directed Tutors of Oxford, which grew to become the territory’s largest tutoring center. Upon his return to the United States in 1998, Dr. Donnelly accepted a lecturing position at Western Connecticut State University before moving to New York City in 2000 to found Tutors of Oxford NYC and Doctor MCAT, Manhattan’s premium one-on-one MCAT tutoring and test prep service.

Dr. Donnelly (a.k.a. ‘Doctor MCAT’) has developed a unique strategy that is extremely efficient in dealing with the passage-based problems that appear on each section of the MCAT. His patient step-by-step teaching style helps to build his students’ knowledge and confidence in each topic and greatly improves their test-taking skills. Many of his students have been admitted to some of the world’s leading medical schools including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Oxford, Yale, and Cambridge.

Dr. Donnelly’s services are in high demand, therefore it is often advisable to reserve your time slot well in advance to ensure availability. For more information about online or in-person tutoring, visit or contact Dr. Donnelly directly at (917) 568-2473 or at

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