SAT & ACT Tests: How To Delete a Test Date Record

Sometimes, despite the utmost test preparation, we have a bad day and the big test doesn’t go quite as well as we anticipated. Don’t freak out! Bad days happen to the best of us. While we know the pressure of taking the SAT and ACT can make it feel like the biggest event of your life, (IT’S NOT, and) you can always take the tests again.

The SAT and ACT have provided a means undoing test records; so if you had a particularly bad testing day or experience and wish to cancel your scores from a certain test date, see the instructions below:

  • How to delete ACT scores: To delete an ACT test date record, you must send a request in writing. For the ACT’s exact instructions for deleting a test record, please visit this page: Deleting an ACT Test Record.
  • How to delete SAT scores: The College Board also allows you to cancel scores from a particular test date. To do so, you must fill out and submit this form NO LATER THAN THE WEDNESDAY FOLLOWING YOUR TEST DAY.

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