The Booming Market of Education Technology

technology_bringing_education_to_massIt is the dawn of the technological revolution in global education. The future of learning is online with eBooks, interactive games, online testing, instant student-teacher communication, and a plethora of educational tools at one’s fingertips. The education sector has prolonged the adoption and integration of technology, however, according to IBIS Capital, the market is now booming with hundreds of EdTech startups probing into a $91 billion e-learning market.

In a 2013 study, PBS Learning Media reports that 74% of teachers agree “technology enables them to reinforce and expand on content,” and technology “motivates students to learn.” EdTech enables customized learning, which attracts the students to the material and keeps them engaged at home and in the classroom. The prevalence of tablets, iPads and computers is growing across American K-12 classrooms, guiding the EdTech generation of learners.

Diverse opinions persist about the rise of online learning and the diminishment of old-fashioned methods regardless, the escalating ubiquity of EdTech is undeniable. Here at A-List Education, we remain at the forefront of innovative education with the launch of our online content and assessment portal, revolutionizing test preparation and college readiness. Download our product brief to check out all that our portal has to offer!

Sources: Price, Gary. “New Survey Findings Report on How Educational Technology is being used in Classroom.” PBS Learning Media. Feb 4, 2013.
Watters, Audrey. “Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2013: The Business of Ed-Tech.” Hack Education. Dec 23, 2013.)

By: Catherine Quigley, A-List  Marketing Intern & current UPenn Student

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