Kyle Nunn

University of Cincinnati (BFA)

Subject Specialties: SAT/ACT

Kyle Nunn is a proud native of Cincinnati, Ohio, where he grew up trying to find a balance between being a math nerd, a sports fanatic, and a theater geek. His varying interests eventually led him to the University of Cincinnati, where he earned his BFA degree in Theater. Soon after graduating, Kyle combined his love for theater and learning about new cultures by performing in the world’s largest theater fringe festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Back in New York, he has been busy writing, producing, and acting in shows around the city. Kyle first grew an appreciation for teaching in high school when he privately tutored students in math and English. During summers at college, Kyle also taught at theater camps for local grade schools and high schools. Always looking to learn, Kyle is constantly open to good book suggestions. He will also gladly engage in any sports debate, just name the topic.